Kristin & Peter’s Fabulous Foundry Wedding!

Kristin and Peter were married April 10, 2011 at The Foundry in Long Island City, NY. The wedding (and the couple) were absolutely beautiful and Konrad and I had a wonderful time photographing them. We were also very lucky to work with our videography partners-in-crime, Kiss the Bride Films, on this wedding. Check out their wonderful highlight reel below!

Our beautiful bride Kristin was kind enough to answer some questions about their wedding. See her answers below the pictures!

Kristin & Peter from Kiss The Bride Films on Vimeo.

  • Q. What was your inspiration/how would you describe your wedding style?
    A. Wedding style – Vintage New York City
  • Q. Who designed your dress/shoes/suit?
    A. Jason Wu (a friend of mine) made it special for me :)
    Shoes – Miu Miu
    Suit – Hugo Boss
  • Q. Who made/designed your cake/cupcakes? Topper?
    A. Cake – Cake Alchemy
  • Q. Who was the caterer? Was there anything that was specially designed for you? A signature cocktail?
    A. Catering - Benchmarc Events by Marc Murphy
    Signature Cocktail – Guava Martini
    Surf and Turf grill station
  • Q. Where there any other venders that were important?
    A. Flowers – Martin Jobes Design
  • Q. Were there any personal touches in your ceremony (unexpected readings, traditions, trained hawks or pigs, Jedi duels)?
    A. Acapella group sang glee style version of Modern English’s song “I melt with you” for when I walked down the aisle.
  • Q. Anything else? There were so many things happening, did you have any favorite moments?
    A. favorite moments – break dancing circle!
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