Lauren and John are engaged!

Lauren and John are a smart and funny couple that split their time between Ithaca, NY (Photo Pink’s old haunt) and NYC. Because their wedding next year will be taking place in Ithaca, an engagement shoot in their Queens neighborhood gave them a chance to be captured in both of their environments. We met at cafe and walked down to the Socrates Sculpture Park by the East River. If you haven’t been there then you have to go. It has the most random sculptures you can imagine, from a whale carcass to a guy wearing roller skates in a batman t-shirt to a stack of different kinds of cake. A strange but incredibly cool location for an engagement shoot. We had a great time getting to know Lauren and John, wandering around the park, and talking about Ithaca. They’re definitely our type of couple. We have another engagement shoot with Lauren and John (part 2) coming up in the next few months and are super-excited that we get to hang out with them again.

Photographers: Liesl and Randy

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